We get it! This #pandemic canceled hot girl summer 2020 and it’s been such a bummer! But that doesn’t prevent us from still being fab in our bikinis while lounging safely either at home or at a socially distanced poolside/beach. So, we put together these tips for you! Prepare to be a beach bombshell🥰


TIP ONE: Pear or Triangle Shape

Pear or Triangle Shape

Wondering how to slim/flatter a bottom-heavy figure when picking out your swimsuit? Don't go wild on bottom if you want to slim the hips honey. The less going on there, the better! However, do bring focus up top with a top in a brighter color, or with fun details, colorful print or a pretty pattern. Also, go for a fairly high-cut bikini bottom as this will create the illusion of longer, leaner legs. How about wanting to boost a smaller-on-top figure? You want to go for an underwire bra bikini top as it gives shape to small busts. So, like I mentioned above, go extra with colors and… go for the ruffles, the pleating and the beading. But never opt for a bandeau style top as that’ll flatten you out even more. Do these and voila, you’re beach-ready.


TIP TWO: Athletic Shape

Athletic Shape

So, athletic body shapes tend to combine broad shoulders with a straight silhouette, having less difference between waist, hip and bust measurements. As such, when it comes to bathing suits for athletic body types, you’re aspiring to balance out your proportions by visually reducing the width of the shoulders, while enhancing the natural curves of your hips and butt. You can do this by selecting dark swimwear/ bikini tops with fancy, colorful bottoms to draw attention down from shoulders to the hips and legs. As far as your bikini tops, keep your broad shoulders in mind. Thick straps are better than thin ones. Plunging necklines minimize broad shoulders, while emphasizing cleavage. Try adding some padding to the bra as well. High-sides and tie-side bottoms will draw attention to long legs and add definition to the hips. You can also add definition to small hips and thicker waists with high-waistline bottoms or a curve-enhancing cutout monokini. Avoid strapless/bandeau tops as they can make broad shoulders seem wider than they really are. Enhance the curve of a small butt with rusched bottoms and a cheek-revealing cut.


TIP THREE: Round or Oval Shape

Round or Oval Shape

Now, we all have that good ole mid-section problem and have to hide it at the beach or pool by all means. So, if you want some belly control, don't go for shine. Run from it! It highlights every lump and bump and we don’t want to look like that whale at the beach or poolside. Matte should be your best friend. We also suggest you skip tankinis unless you find one that flows from under the bust with an un-clingy fabric. And of course, do show some good, sexy skin. A high-cut leg or low-cut top draws eyes away from your middle and will make you that bombshell beach babe.


TIP FOUR: Diamond or Inverted Triangle Shape

Diamond or Inverted Triangle Shape

Like me, if you want to support a big bust, please, by all means possible, axe out triangle tops from your list. Especially if you’re bigger than a D-cup because triangle tops offer little to no support. Also, don't do high necklines unless you want a ‘balloonboob’. Ha! didn't think so. Now, halter tops should also be your BFF. If the top isn’t a halter, opt for an underwire bra… in fact an underwire or a hidden bra is a must if your top isn’t going to be a halter. Reds or blacks are also good for tops as they offer a slimming illusion.


TIP FIVE: Hourglass Shape

Hourglass Shape

The famous hourglass shape is the most in-trend shape this century, although it’s been most women’s dream shape for centuries before now… aka the coca-cola body shape. I say, flaunt it if you have it, yes queen, that’s what I propose. And if you want to flatter these sinful curves, vertical or angled stripes can be really sexy. Yes, do not run away from stripes. And do not run from bikinis either. Just avoid the thin stringy ties that can dig in and create bulges that also hurt really bad. Lastly, do try a wrap style if you have a thick middle (just like me) — it's a waist whittler for real!





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I found it helpful when you said that a halter-type bikini or underwire bra could be a good tip if you have a big bust that needs support. This is something that I will consider because I am planning to attend a beach party next week, and I am looking to shop for a high-rise cheeky bikini. I will be sure to do your tips since I want to look good without highlighting my bust that much.

Shammy Peterson November 16, 2021

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