Inspired by the Ghanaian Adinkra symbol ‘Aya’ (a.k.a the resourceful ‘fern’), the Aya Morrison brand was founded by Helena Aidoo-Morrison in 2008 as a travel-inspired fashion brand offering a range of swimwear, clothing and accessories for the modern woman. It is our belief that by providing contemporary, unique, limited-edition collections, women are reminded to embrace their own individuality, uniqueness, femininity and class .

Our high-quality products symbolize timeless inner strength and our carefully sourced luxury materials expresses each woman’s singular beauty and each collection resonates deeply with well-traveled, lifestyle-focused women. This also means the AYA woman's style cuts across three generations of prestige and grace.

Recognized as the originator of African-Print Swimwear, Aya Morrison’s design aesthetic is a fusion of african-inspired, elegant and functional silhouettes, allowing for sophisticated fashion-forward favorites; a panache of decadence that allows you to make your own personal fashion statement. 

We pride ourselves in ensuring sustainable practices and our global, sustainable sourcing and travel exemplifies our connectivity as women across the globe, which speaks to our shared humanity and experiences that are beyond borders. As the brand strives to build a strong, supportive community of women, it also leads the way in giving back to others, which is why a % of all our proceeds go to the Yaa Asantewaa Girl Empowerment Project (YAGEP).

YAGEP is an initiative of the Play & Learn Foundation (PAL), a Ghanaian based Non-Profit Organization. The YAGEP initiative was started to enhance and empower the girl child by encouraging her to develop social and emotional confidence, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.  

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