About us

Our design aesthetic incorporates a range of modern, retro and elegant silhouettes allowing for sophisticated, fashion-forward beach favorites. With an array of options in our Swimwear, Cruise-Wear and Accessories designs, our collections are a cross between the contemporary, classic and cutting-edge selections; a panache of decadence that allows you to make your own personal fashion statement


Our atelier prides itself as a sustainable establishment focused on representing an African-luxury ideal in a less traditional manner, representing femininity, class and a diaspora narrative; ensuring our pieces are functional, realistic and resonate deeply with well-traveled, lifestyle-focused women.


Our custom, colorful, sustainable threads are spun into vibrant contemporary ‘ntoma’- inspired prints, then stitched together by a few amazing women in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa, in Porto Alegre, Brazil or in New York City, USA; this then becomes the Aya Morrison collection that you know and love.


Helena, our creative director is also our in-house stylist, strategist and lead creative who makes it a point to highlight some cool styling ideas for our pieces and show the "how-to's" for certain AM items and also combines individual pieces into enhanced mix-matched new, exciting looks through her styling tips that can be found on our blog - the 'A.M Edit'.


*ntoma is traditional fabric from Ghana, West Africa.