We’re so glad you’re here! Every BRAND has a STORY. Here's Ours:

While on an unplanned spring break trip in 2008, Helena and her friends bought some bikinis on their way to the beach. The discomfort was unbearable, and she was amazed at how hard it was to find a good-quality swim piece that was flattering for her heavy-on-top body shape, as well as her friends’ varying body types. One that wouldn’t ultimately leave their wallets dry, in the name of luxury. There were just no good options and the explanation for that was simple: There was not a single functional, affordable-luxury swimwear brand that was high-quality, comfortable and that catered to all body types on the market at all. Only options were either a cheap but uncomfortable piece or an extremely expensive, unflattering piece.

Helena was already known as the bag lady, having already started the Aya Morrison brand making women’s handbags a year prior – a then hobby-turned-business. She vowed to devote her time to researching how to make good, fashionable swimwear for all shapes and sizes. She eventually guided the Aya Morrison brand towards solely filling this gap. She was determined to create an alternative and was passionate about this new opportunity.

By creating quality, comfortable, flattering, functional swimwear; paying homage to her African roots using African-inspired prints/African-inspired colors, she was able to provide luxury swimwear to all women’s body shapes/sizes for a fraction of the price later that year.

She believes that buying luxury swimwear should be an enjoyable and satisfactory experience. It should leave you feeling exclusive, fashionable and still have money left in your pocket.

Today, Aya Morrison is a proud sustainable Swimwear, Cruise-Wear (carefully-selected clothing options) and Accessories brand focused on representing an African-luxury ideal in a less traditional manner, embodying femininity, high-quality and serving sizes from S up to 3XL; ensuring our pieces are functional, realistic and resonate deeply with well-traveled, lifestyle-focused women.

We hope you enjoy your purchase as much as we enjoyed creating them just for you.

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Life isn't perfect but your bikini can be ;)

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The Purpose & Essence of Aya Morrison

“Aya” is a Ghanaian female name that means “Defiant”. In Japanese it means “Beautiful”, “Design”, or “Colorful”. It is also known as the Fern - an Adinkra Symbol that means “Endurance” and “Resourcefulness”. These qualities form the very essence of the Aya Morrison Brand. And when women engage with the brand they feel beautiful, empowered, resourceful and are able to outlast difficulty, break barriers and become their best selves.

The brand purpose of Aya Morrison is to provide women with comfortable, functional beachwear favorites while inspiring them to be resourceful and strong on their unique journeys. We pride ourselves in the great symbolism and purpose behind the values of the brand.

Our 2021 Collection

Our new swimwear collection will be released 11.11.20

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Bikinis are like fries, you can't have just one - unknown.

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