We Heart Vintage Fashion!

There are a plethora of ways to pay homage to what fashion has inspired, influenced, and more. Fashion style has taught us more and more about dynasties, diversity, class structures, etc. Designers turning a yard of fabric into a single garment is already a top-notch skill to have. Transforming an already established garment into something fashionable to you is a styling magic trick. One of the trendiest ways to build a style for yourself today is by shopping via your local thrift store; more specifically, discovering a vintage garment and rejuvenating it to be styled and worn in your personal style. So what about vintage fashion do we love?

History of Vintage Fashion

Photo by: Matthew Henry

A garment is considered vintage if created back in the early 1900s and before. Diving into the history of fashion, fashion was always a key element in determining and dividing social classes and roles. In the past, what you wore determined your social status and wealth; however, today, vintage takes on a new history. In modern times, styling yourself in vintage fashion shows your unique and creative skills in styling and expressing yourself. With multiple vintage garments available in stores and online, finding one to fit your style adds to the success you feel when you find the perfect outfit to wear.

The Resurrection of Vintage Clothing

Photo by: Matthew Henry

During my time in my undergrad, I took a beginner-level fashion class. Our quarter-long project was to find and reconstruct a vintage garment. I took a vintage coat and constructed it into a cropped puffer jacket. Although I got my degree in writing, it was still a memorable experience to create something new and personalize it to my style. Before taking that class, vintage garments have always been more than just a fashion garment, but a collectible. Being able to say you have something dated back feels right. With the rise of vintage garments worn in today's fashion realm, no longer will your vintage garment be a collectible but a fashion statement.

Vintage Styling and Shops

Photo by: Brodie Vissers

A simple Google search of the word vintage, and there are a plethora of options you can click on to find and shop for vintage garments. Even though Instagram's new shop option or on someone's page, you can find many second-hand or curated thrift shops and brands. Social media hype and thrifting contribute to the resurrection of vintage clothing and how it became a type of clothing you want to have in your closet. These page owners or brand owners make it easier for you to have multiple options to look for when finding a vintage garment to fit your style. Whether it be a skirt, jacket, scarf, vest, or ore, there is something out there that will scream, "BUY ME" because it's perfect for you.

Why You Should Love Vintage Fashion

Photo by: Matthew Henry

What's there not to love about vintage fashion? Having a vintage garment is like wearing all black but adding that pop of color to it. There are endless possibilities of styling a vintage garment with what you already own. The durability of these garments is a bonus because it's safer for the environment because you're recycling and not adding to the many clothes thrown out and wasted. Plus, why throw away something rich in history? Being able to date back a garment you own and knowing its history is one of the many perks of having something vintage. 

With the rise in popularity, social media has also made finding that piece that's right for you and helped elevate a new style to discover and treasure. No longer is it just out with the old and in with the new, but grab more old and make it unique.



*All photos are from burst.shopify.com

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