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Swimwear Care

How do I care for my swimwear?


While no swimwear will last forever, the proper care will keep the shape and color for much longer. Aya Morrison swimwear is made of spandex/ Lycra-polyester blends such as scuba knit fabric composed of 95% polyester and 5% elastane
These stretch fabrics are comfortable, they keep their shape, and are elastic and quick drying. Yet, the positive properties are offset by the delicate nature of the fabrics. 
NOTE: Pool chemicals, sun, sand, heat and detergents will affect ALL swimwear. 
To get the most out of your swimsuits, it pays to know how to care for them. 
* Rinse in cold water - if possible, wear your swimsuit in the shower to open and saturate the fibers with cold water as soon as you can after swimming 
* Rinse again - by hand in cold water as soon as possible after removing your swimsuit just in case the African fabric begins to bleed, which is usually unlikely 
* Hang dry A.S.A.P in the shade or inside - to prevent loss of color from the sun 
* Be careful where you sit, lay & lean - pool edges are rough to prevent slipping (so are rough on swimsuit fabric too!) 
* Remove sand from your swimsuit - when it's dry, gently stretch and flick the garment and the sand will easily fall away 
* Be extra careful with spas and heated pools - hot water + the extra chemicals used to combat bacteria will threaten the life of your swimsuit (best to use an old swimsuit for spas) 
* Be careful with sunscreen and oils - they can discolor your swimwear or make the African fabric fade-out quicker 
* Alternate your swimwear - having two swimsuits is ideal (or, if you only have one, ensure that your swimsuit is completely dry before wearing again) 
* DO NOT leave your swimsuit wet in your towel/gym bag - moisture and darkness are the most common way to breed damaging bacteria (do ensure your swimsuit is completely dry before you put it away) 
* DO NOT wash in the washing machine - washing machines and detergents are too harsh on swimwear 
* DO NOT tightly wring out the water from your swimsuit - over-wringing will stretch and twist the fibres 
* DO NOT use a dryer or iron on the stretch part - excessive heat from dryers or ironing destroys swimsuit stretch fabric. 
* DO NOT chlorine bleach - never, ever use chlorine bleach on any swimwear (even styles advertised as chlorine-resistant aren't chlorine-proof)

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