1)   The G in G-string stands for ‘groin’.

2)   The most expensive swimwear in the world is a $30 million bikini made with more than 150 carats of flawless Steinmetz diamonds set in platinum.

3)  The bikini is named after the Bikini Atoll islands in the North Pacific’s Marshall Islands where the U.S. tested the atomic bomb in 1946. 

4)  The word “thong” means “dental floss” in Brazil :)

5)  In 1907, Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman was arrested for wearing a one-piece suit that showed her arms and legs :)

6)  China is the world's largest exporter of swimwear with around 70 percent of global shipments.

7)  In Australia, swimsuits are known as “cossies.” In the UK and Ireland, they are called “togs”.

8)  Women’s swimwear makes up 70 percent of the international market, children’s 13 percent and men’s approximately 17 percent.

9)  The world’s largest swimsuit photo shoot took place, where a total of 1,010 women wearing bikinis gathered in Bondi, Sydney Australia.

10)  There’s a special swimsuit known as a Burqini that “[preserves] Muslim modesty.”

11)  In the 1950s, swimsuits with pointed breasts, known jokingly as “high beams,” were popular. Some suits even offered inflatable bras that could be blown up to the wearer’s desired size.

12)  Swimsuits now can be made from UV-protective fabrics. The suits can offer 50+ UPF, blocking up to 98% of the sun’s rays.

13)  Participants in the ‘Miss USA’ swimsuit contest, are judged by “body symmetry.”

fun swimwear facts

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