Outfit Ideas in 2021

The time has come to get out of the house and show the world your fashion style! Whether you’re meeting with friends, going on a date, returning to the office, or traveling the world, you should wear cool outfits that highlight your beauty and serve as ambassador for your personality.

Maybe the world stood still for a while, but fashion didn’t! The trends are constantly changing, reinventing the past and sending us hints from the future. Of course, you want to keep up with them. Because you’re a true fashionista! However, this doesn’t mean you need to compromise your comfort. 2021 is about keeping it simple, light, and captivating. It is also about creativity, exploration, and style. Check out our outfit ideas for 2021 that will help you feel cool, comfortable, and, more importantly, yourself!

African Print Dresses

A frenzy of African prints mix and matches

Go all-in with African prints and let the world hear you roar! Be bold, be fun, be adventurous and discover Aya Morrison’s new Heritage Collection. Designed as an ode to the traditional African prints, Aya Morrison creates a colorful and versatile clothing collection for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. African prints will never go out of style due to their powerful message and sublime colors and can be reinvented every year, if cared for properly, by simply adding new statement accessories. Whether you combine a maxi African print skirt with a white bralette or choose to go all African print from head to toe, your presence will be noticed and admired. Made with smooth and flowy fabrics, like chiffon and satin, the pieces are designed to go perfectly with everything from jeans and sweaters to black trousers and blazers. The fabric will caress your skin and makes you feel relaxed while exuding femininity, strength, and determination. You can easily mix and match the collection items. Complete your outfit with sexy accessories, heels, or combat boots, and even throw on a coat for the colder days of autumn and winter.

women in oversized suits

Oversized suit with sneakers

Ready to go back to the office? Do it with style and elegance. Glamour says forget about your classic work deux-piece and choose an oversized suit! Add a white t-shirt underneath the blazer, and for the final touch, match your creative outfit with a pair of fashionable sneakers. Professional, yet irresistible! Sometimes less is more even in fashion, and this minimalist look is all the proof you need! Your perfect combination is both work and Instagram-ready! Take that selfie! You know you want to!

girl wearing cardigan and jeans

Jeans with a cable-knit cardigan

You can never go wrong with this comfy outfit that will make you feel at ease while exuding high levels of sexiness and playfulness. Grab your favorite jeans, add a chunky knitted cardigan, and you will look as pretty as those French girls who seem to never give a thought to their wardrobe, yet they always look exquisite. Want to be en vogue? According to Elle, the skinny jean is dead, so choose a pair of wide-leg jeans and add a crop top in the color of your choice. Only one word: stylish! Don’t forget your sunglasses and go conquer the world.

Blazer with black turtleneck and jeans

If you’re going for a more classical look, here is a bit of outfit inspiration. Take your Millennial-style skinny jeans (this is one immortal trend regardless of what Gen Z is saying) and pair them with a turtleneck. You’re already hot, but if you want to make it business-appropriate, add a blazer on top. Don’t be shy with the blazer! Forget about black, grey, or neutral tone blazers. Be bold! Choose a neon blazer or at least a pink one. Grab your stilettos, and there you have it: you look like a celebrity… who has an office job.

women in high-waist trousers

High waist tailored trousers with midriff flossing blouse

Forget about denim (just for a while) and buy yourself a pair of wide-leg trousers. Match them with a midriff flossing blouse, a wardrobe staple in 2021, and there you have it – a nonchalantly sexy approach to a classic outfit. Enrich this cute outfit idea with a pair of square-toe sandals just like Lanvin and Paco Rabanne did for their resort 2022 collections. Keep your colors neutral or warm, and add your pop of color with the sandals. Yes, you can wear electric green sandals with black trousers and a beige blouse. You will become a work of art!

Puff-sleeve blouse with paper-bag baggy pants

One would never think that all the puffy and baggy additions to one’s outfit would be among the sexiest outfit ideas one could have. Well, one is wrong! Vogue says - and we agree - the puff or balloon sleeves are here to stay. Despite their voluminous appearance and romantic vibe, they are a match made in heaven with baggy paper-bag pants. Take a look at the Isabel Marant fashion show and see for yourself how great they look together. While, at first, the cinched at the waist and cropped at the ankle pants may not find their place in your life, if you just give them a chance and wear it with a puff-sleeve blouse, you will see their purpose in your wardrobe. The final touches? A pair of suede sandals and a canvas tote. You can also wear them with a tucked-in tank, denim jacket, or a black blazer. Do not let these pants intimidate you! You got this!

women in print dresses

Printed dress and flat sandals

If you’re in the mood for a summer romance, start your escapade with a cute yet sexy outfit. Choose a delicate printed dress in tones of powdery pink or blue, and match it with a pair of simple flat sandals created with just a few slim straps. Whether flowery, leafy, or abstract, the print of your dress goes perfectly with a shell necklace that will very quickly become la pièce de résistance of this summer ensemble. Walk like a princess, smile like a mermaid, and elegantly thank your audience for their compliments. Because with this outfit, you will undoubtedly become the center of attention.

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