8 Summer 2021 Fashion Trends to Shop Now

Summer is just around the corner and everyone is excited! After one of the longest years humanity has ever seen, we are finally brave enough to throw away the sweatpants and go outside! Whether it’s on the beach or in the park, it doesn’t really matter anymore! As long as we can walk outside, we are satisfied with any natural background. Moreover, fashionistas know that this is their moment to shine. Even dog walking can be a catwalk moment if you know what to wear! And where better to look for fashion advice than at fashion shows!

Even though most fashion presentations were held digitally or for a small number of press and buyers, we still got the scoop on the summer fashion trends in the spectacular world of high-end clothing. And while not many can afford Prada or Dior clothes, we can definitely follow their lead and find more accessible yet impactful key pieces that resonate with the trends of summer. Check out the hottest 8 summer 2021 fashion trends to shop now:


1. Bralettes

It seems the lockdown period many countries had to endure because of the COVID-19 pandemic has made an impact on the fashion trends of summer. Otherwise, how can we explain the bralette “epidemic” that is conquering every runaway in the world? Just take a look at the Alberta Ferretti, Versace, Hugo Boss, and Dior spring/summer 2021 collections and you will understand what we are talking about! However, you got to admit they look so cute and sexy that no one can resist them! It’s time to pump up those biceps and triceps because this trend is merciless!


crop top

2. Crop tops

It seems the crop tops are here to stay and no one can really argue with their sexiness. Illustrating the fun and crazy ambiance of summer holidays, crop tops go perfectly under a blazer jacket just like they’ve worn it at the Hermes fashion show. If you want to take the craziness one step further, add some puffy sleeves to your crop top like Isabel Marant did and you’ve got yourself one of the most fabulous and extravagant pieces for summer. Choose some crop tops in vibrant colors and you’ll be the soul of the party everywhere you go (yes, even at the office!).


Puffy sleeve top

3. Puffy sleeves

And since we’ve mentioned puffy sleeves earlier, we must insist on this topic and let you know that this is the biggest trend of summer 2021. Not everyone will agree with us but this is where we stand and we will hold our ground! This larger-than-life detail and classic piece can turn any attire into a statement and guarantee a chic summer presence. You can wear your impetuous and voluminous sleeves with statement trousers or tiny shorts to show off your toned legs. Either way, you will be seen!


midriff flossing

4. Midriff flossing

The floss dance may not be in style anymore but midriff flossing will soon be everywhere thanks to Victoria Beckham, Versace, and Christopher Esber. Also known as wrap-around straps, this series of crisscrossed and wraparound details that look just like floss can be an addition to skirts, bralettes, or even maxi dresses. Any long sleeve top stands out in the crowd when it has crisscrossing cords emerging from it and is paired with a midi skirt or wide-leg trousers! Add a pair of open-toe sandals and there you have it: all the cool details you need for a trendy summer ensemble.


cutout dress

5. Cutouts

Another summer trend that aims to expose our skin in a sexy and elegant way, cutouts focus on the waist, and sometimes they surprise with an appearance on the hips or thighs. A demanding trend that requires a bold attitude, cutouts are now incorporated in every piece of clothing you can think of, including gowns and slippery silks. While Fendi, Isabel Marrant, and Carolina Herrera decided to reveal the area underneath the rib cage, Versace and Kenzo took things a bit further and exposed the beautiful curves of hips and thighs.


Netted Top

6. Netting

A trend that may not be for everyone, the fishnet is all about layering and shopping smart. What a difference a net makes! Just throw it over a swimsuit, bodysuit, or rollneck, and you will cancel any trace of anonymity and banal. Netting is here to reinvent your wardrobe whether you will wear it over a slip dress or on its own. Bottega Veneta made knitted dresses relevant again combing their sensuality with a level of comfort that comes from the oh, so-needed cool breezes.


maxi dress

7. Maxi dresses

Finally, something that will make everybody happy! Maxi dresses are never actually out of style but this is the summer where they receive the attention they truly deserve. Paired with the sheer trend, the maxi dresses of 2021 are floaty and ethereal, romantic and sensual. Dior, Valentino, Michael Kors, and Alberta Ferretti, all invaded the runway with glamorous and mystical dresses that bring the Riviera and glitz to the city. If the purest form of sheer dresses is not exactly appealing, you can easily combine them with a mini dress, your chic bikini, or even throw a blazer over the top. As long as your dress floats, you’re trending!


glitter dress

8. Disco glitter

Glitter is making a comeback in 2021, all the way from the 80s. This is your moment to shine and sparkle like a goddess in metallic silver dresses and twinkly trouser suits. However, forget about stilettos as the go-to accessory for your sequin gowns! Celine decided to pair the glittering gown with sneakers and a baseball cap, while Balmain tamed the frenzy of sequins by inviting the models to walk barefoot. If this seems too much, then you haven’t seen Louis Vuitton’s presentation where sequins were best friends with a T-shirt or Chanel’s idea to pair them with flats. So, grab your sequin dress and nothing else and go wild!

While the summer 2021 fashion trends may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you shouldn’t despair. Just because you can’t rock a sheer dress or wraparound straps doesn’t mean your style is compromised. Check out the perfect illustration of summer 2021 trends at Aya Morrison, a high-end fashion shop that keeps up with the trends but has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for bold colors, quality materials, extravagant prints, or sexy tank tops, Aya Morrison, delivers with style and elegance!

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