8 Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

Winter is definitely coming, but this doesn’t mean you should let your style suffocate under your winter coat! The winter months are not a sentence to "meh" outfits. You can have fun with your winter wardrobe even if the thermometer tries to discourage your attempts to be the fashionista you were born to be and it’s snowing like there’s no tomorrow. It’s not all about that chunky sweater that keeps your skin all covered up against the merciless cold and that infinite number of layers underneath your puffer coat. Winter casual outfits can be cool while keeping you warm. You can be elegant and stylish, original and trendy, or even extravagant and flamboyant! Check out our cute winter outfit ideas and win the battle against the boring old grey of winter.

All bets on the shearling coat

If you want to keep it simple and not put too much thought into your next winter outfit, go with a shearling jacket. You can pretty much wear it with anything – a pair of jeans, black pants, combat boots, or knee-high boots. Be bold and match it with a pair of leather pants for an extra something or go classy and wear it with a print dress! You’re ready to go anywhere! And you’re all set to win the war against the nasty cold!

shearling coat

A fairy tale look with a hooded poncho

Little Red Riding Hood made history with her…red riding hood, so there must be something there! How about this winter you add a bit of fun to your wardrobe and invest in a red hooded poncho? You will look mesmerizing, especially if you wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and pointe-toe black leather boots. Absolutely charming without compromising your normal body temperature! It’s a win-win for sure!

hooded poncho

Drop the beanie! Pick up the fedora!

Yes, we all love beanies, especially when it's below freezing outside. Bear Grylls told us to make sure we keep our heads warm in cold weather to avoid freezing to death, but he never said we must do this with a beanie. So, how about a fedora hat, preferably in an autumn red – to confuse winter a bit! – matched with a blue denim jacket and a country-style dress. We know! You might say it is too cold for a dress. But is it really? You can wear it with black tights and knee-length boots. Add a heavy knit scarf for extra cuteness and coziness, and you’ve got yourself one must-have winter outfit!

Winter fedora

Quilted jacket and cargo pants for an “I don’t care look!”

When in doubt, always go with the “I don’t care!” look! And what better way to achieve such a praiseworthy ideal than with a quilted jacket and cargo pants. They could be brown, they could be blue, they could be anything you like, but we recommend them to be beige for extra nonchalance. And they should definitely be oversized for comfort and extra space for layers. Add a pair of combat boots or any other type of chunky footwear you have in your closet, and there you have it! Throw on a pair of sunglasses and you’ll be the perfect example of coolness overloaded!

Quilted jacket

Teddy sweatshirts for a fluffy and cute look

If you’re in the mood for a playful look that will cheer up everyone around you, we suggest you go all teddy bear and wear a teddy sweatshirt dress! Just take a look at how cute and fluffy they are. Made from cotton for extra comfort and recycled polyester because we know you want to save the planet. A teddy sweatshirt goes perfectly with slouchy boots or your favorite pair of ankle boots. Whether you opt for the mocha brown teddy sweatshirt dress or the grey bundle of fluffiness, you’ll look precious, and, more importantly, you will feel warm and loveable. Fluffy is always fashionable! Ask anyone.


Leather jacket for a cool winter day

We think everyone agrees you can never go wrong with a black leather jacket regardless of the season, style, or occasion. Leather jackets are cool and no one can say differently. Now, how to wear it on a cold winter day to make sure you…won’t freeze your behind off? Pair it with an oversized sweater (not the bulky type though!) and a pair of blue jeans. Finish the ensemble with a pair of over-the-knee boots, preferably black for an elegant contrast with the jeans. Add a beanie and a pair of sunglasses and…look at you! The coolest of them all on a cool winter day!

Leather Jacket Winter

Reinvent elegance with heavy winter knit and skinny jeans

If it’s winter, it’s knitting season. If grandma is keeping busy on TikTok instead of knitting key pieces for your wardrobe, you can always “settle” for a gorgeous heavy knit sweater found in shops. Make it as heavy and long as possible, and pair it with black jeans or black leather leggings for that extra touch of style. But that’s not all! Take your winter outfit to new heights with a pair of white trainers. Yes, you read that right! Just try it. You’ll never want to accessorize this outfit with anything other than white trainers. Just make sure it isn’t snowing outside.

Knit sweater

Dare to wear: winter whites

White jeans, sweaters, dresses, and everything else you can think of worthy of the color white are not only appropriate for pool parties and vacations. After all, they aren’t called winter whites for nothing. Take the ski culture to the streets, and don’t be afraid to wear your white cardigan, tailored trousers, or wool coat. Be the non-color in a world of browns and greys and wear a crisp snow-white turtleneck or chunky jumper with a pair of straight-leg jeans – also white! It doesn’t have to be the purest white of them all. As a matter of fact, it’s best to choose ivory, off-white, or luxe cream for more sophistication. Don’t forget about your white knit beanie and low-top trainers. You are good to go! Go, go and make the world a brighter and lighter place!

Inter whites

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