1. Stands for the “fern” plant in the African Adinkra symbology, which means endurance, resourcefulness, perseverance, strength and independence.
  1. Girl name in many cultures with various meanings: design, beautiful, colorful, wonderful, amazing, miracle, music, melody, angel, bird.
  1. Aya symbolizes the good soul in Turkish-Altaic mythology


This season, we bring you our AYA-themed HOLIDAY COLLECTION - a first of its kind, to empower you!

2020 - Our Year of Strength!

We can all say that we have an “AYA” in us because we have endured and persevered. We have been resilient and defiant against all the hardships and pulled through the pain of losing loved ones. This year, we have survived, and we can only continue to empower each other. Wear or gift a piece from our “AYA” Holiday Collection and do it proudly to end 2020 in style!

5% of all proceeds go to the ‘Play And Learn’ Foundation


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